ELEM Biotech had a great time at BIO 2024! June 3-6, 2024. San Diego, CA
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ELEM Biotech is creating the fastest and most accurate Virtual Human and Virtual Trials technology for the biomedical therapeutics industry.
By harnessing the power of supercomputers and accurate, predictive patient and disease modeling, ELEM is helping customers generate unparalleled new medical evidence to drive innovation safely.

Our solution works for Pharmaceuticals, Device Makers and CROs:

  1. Improve clinical trial design, patient stratification, and trial outcomes
  2. Complement animal results with translation-free cardiac safety results
  3. De-risk innovation in the drug development process
  4. Strengthen business decisions

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Optimized drug delivery using ELEMs in silico modeling for Clexio’s CLE-500 device to relieve Cluster Headaches
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Cardiac Safety Assessment
Global German pharmaceutical company employs ELEM Virtual Human Trials as pre-clinical Cardiac Safety Assessment
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Press Conference Abstract
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