Imagine a
virtual human
not made of flesh and bones, but bits and bytes...
... which thanks to
super computers
... makes medical testing and clinical trials work for
ELEM creates populations of virtual humans to predict the outcome of pharmacological and medical device therapeutics.

These models evolve into virtual populations mirroring the diversity
and pathologies of society.

Pharmaceutical or Medtech companies, and CROs can use our supercomputer-based in-silico trials to test products from discovery to pre-clinical to clinical phases.

ELEM is the future of medicine. Now.

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    Within a supercomputer, many virtual versions of you can explore small changes in your lifestyle and how they affect your health, aging and quality of life.

    Virtual humans: helping you to figure out the very best that you can be.


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ELEM Biotech is the biomedical simulation spin-off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

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A sophisticate and powerful Virtual Humans simulation supercomputing cloud-deployed platform

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