Our Team

ELEM is a spin-off from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) where the technology Alya and the bio-simulation project was born.

Unique origins. Unique culture. Unique technology.

  • To transform medical innovation, preclinical and clinical testing, regulatory approval, and treatment decision to make medical testing work so everyone, everywhere can be well, able, and active for life.

  • To lead the technological revolution where virtual humans become the standard for in silico testing by deploying supercomputer-based Virtual Human platforms to model patients to improve health.

Our Team

We are a multi-disciplinary team, integrating disciplines from engineering to mathematics, physics, biology, medicine, and computer science.

Entrepreneur. Business and Finance in Modelling and Simulation
Christopher Morton
Co-Founder and CEO
Alya's Main Architect. Computational Biomedicine and Simulation
Mariano Vázquez
Co-Founder and CTO & CSO
Alya's Main Architect. HPC, Parallelization and Solver Expert
Guillaume Houzeaux

Director of BSC's CASE Department
José María Cela
Co-founder CEO at Combined Therapeutics Inc.
Romain Micol, MD
Board Member
Strategy Advisor, Non-Executive Director and Charity Trustee
Jo Pisani
Board Member
Serial Tech Entrepeneur
Roger Assaker
Board Member
In Silico Trials for Cardiac Toxicity
Jazmin Aguado-Sierra
Lead Scientist
3D Shape Analysis and Scientific Computing
Constantine Butakoff
Senior Scientific Developer
Heart Failure, Electrophysiology, and Regulatory Affairs
Ani Amar
Cardiac Modelling Expert
Cardiac Fiber and Motion Modelling
Jose María Pozo
Cardiac Computational Modelling Expert
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
Pablo González Martin
Biomedical Engineer
In Silico Trials for Cardiac Toxicity
Paula Domínguez
Biomedical Engineer
Cardiac Scar Modelling and Image Processing
Laura Baldó Canut
Biomedical Engineer
Computational Solid Mechanics and Electro-mechanics
Eva Casoni
Research Scientist
Multiphysics Cardiac Modelling
Alberto Zingaro
Research Scientist
Project Management and Bio-Modelling
Irmantas Burba
Bio-Modelling and Simulation Research Engineer
Legal, Compliance, and Executive Assistant
Verónica Montero Castillo
Legal and Compliance Officer
Business Development, Marketing and Sales
Farzaneh Norouzi
Market Research and Development Lead
Platform Development
Ferran Giménez
Product Development Manager
Platform Development
Arnau Masdevall
DevOps, Full-Stack Developer and Cloud Engineer
Platform Development
Mauro Fontana
DevOps, Full-Stack Developer and Cloud Engineer
Platform Development
Oriol Capó del Nido
DevOps, Full-Stack Developer and Cloud Engineer
Artificial Intelligence
Caterina Balzotti
Research Scientist
Project Management
Carmen Fuentes Parga
Project Management Officer
Marketing and Communication
Luciana Marques
Head of Communication
Multiphysics Cardiac Modelling
Dimitrios Lialios
Research scientist
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Hadrien Calmet
Respiratory system
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Beatriz Eguzkitza
Respiratory system
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Oriol Lehmkuhl
Computational fluid dynamics. Respiratory System
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Cristóbal Samaniego
Coupled multi-physics. Cardiac valves.
George Mason University, USA.
Juan Raul Cebral
Computational fluid dynamics. Vascular hemodynamics
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Sol Bucalo
Design and UX
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Fernando Cucchietti
Visualization and Data Processing
Barcelona Supercomputing Center
Guille Marín
University of Oxford, UK
Blanca Rodríguez
Cardiac Computational Modelling
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona
Francesc Carreras Costa, MD
Cardiac Imaging and Function
Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona
Jose María Guerra Ramos, MD
Electrophysiology, Arrhythmia
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares CNIC, Madrid
David Filgueiras Rama, MD
Electrophysiology, Arrhythmia
Hospital Clínic i Universitari, Barcelona
Cristóbal Langdon, MD
Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Visible Heart Laboratory, University of Minnesota, USA
Paul Iaizzo
Translational Systems Physiology
BCN-MedTech, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Oscar Camara
Signal and image processing
Our Values
  • Collaboration

    We celebrate those who wish to collaborate, both within our team and in our partners and clients.

  • Transparency

    We are open and honest with our employees, partners, and investors. By being transparent we can harness the power of teamwork – all tackling the same problem together through excellent communication.

  • Determination

    We will bring this product to market while developing and validating relentlessly to achieve the outcomes we know will change millions of patients’ lives for the better.

  • Ambition

    We will expand the technology to reap the benefits from simulating multiple human organs, to grow our market through partnerships with clients who share our ambitious vision.

Our Story

In four milestones


Alya Project

Guillaume and Mariano started the Alya Project at the BSC, a recently created research center on supercomputing applications, hosting the fourth largest supercomputer on earth, MareNostrum I. One of the first application fields would be the cardiovascular system.

Alya team members: 4


ELEM idea

BSC and Alya have become world references supercomputing applications. The Alya Red biomedical project is presented through a scientific video, awarded with the 2012 International Science Visualization challenge (link).

Alya team members: 15


ELEM Biotech

ELEM becomes a spin-off from BSC, who transfers the technology and gives an exclusive commercial exploitation licence. ELEM's goal is to create our Virtual Humans platform to put all its power directly in the hands of the healthcare stakeholders.

Alya team members: 35


The Virtual Humans

14 years later, 100 papers published, more than 400 million core hours of supercomputing power spent, and 5 million euros invested in development, Alya is the core technology of ELEM's Virtual Humans. BSC hosts the fourth upgrade of MareNostrum IV.

Alya team members: 40